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School planning & reporting

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2017 School Annual Report

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2010 School Annual Report

Nemarluk School Annual Performance Report 2010

Accountability and Performance Improvement Framework (APIF)

The APIF recognises that to achieve high levels of educational outcomes, accountability related to student learning is the responsibility of individual teachers. Teachers need to be supported by strong school leadership and strong partnerships with parents and community members. The Strategic Improvement Plan and the Annual Operational Plan must focus on:

  • curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment;
  • staff development; and
  • resource use.

The school community, including the school council, has a role to play in school improvement by providing feedback and information which contributes to and endorses the school’s strategic planning and review processes.)

What are school principals accountable for?

The work of the Principal is to maintain a focus on instructional leadership to enhance student progress, achievement and development. Principals create high performing schools by:

  • focusing on students and their learning;
  • focusing on teachers and their teaching;
  • building capacity and people power to take charge of change;
  • defining and articulating direction;
  • leading a culture of inquiry and learning;
  • committing to strategies to achieve specific targets;
  • maintaining momentum and urgency; and
  • continually monitoring and evaluating processes, achievement and development.

What are teachers accountable for?

Quality teaching is pivotal to student learning and is the decisive element in improving student outcomes. Teachers have a responsibility and accountability to:

  • meet high standards of teaching;
  • get students to meet high standards of education; and
  • add value each and every day to student learning.

As instructional leaders, teachers will take responsibility for their professional learning
so that classrooms are characterised by:

  • precise focused teaching;
  • engaged learning;
  • high expectations; and
  • intentionally inviting interactions.

For further information on the "School Accountability and Performance Improvement Framework"