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COVID-19 School Operations Information

Dear School Community,

It is the end of a busy and unusual Term 2 and I’m sure the break from school routines is welcomed. The weather is so delightful that I hope everyone gets out and about in the NT.

The Department of Education has released the Term 3 School Operating Guidelines. Due to the NT Boarders opening on 17 July for all Australia it is advised that there may be the need to reinstate the strict precautionary measures we currently have in place. COVID19 is still active in some states so it is hard to predict what is actually going to happen in the NT.

The Nemarluk School Council and I, as Principal of Nemarluk School, have decided for term 3:

  1. One family member can enter the school grounds to take their child to class or pick them up. They cannot wander in the school grounds or enter the classroom and if they want to speak to the teacher they will need to ask for a meeting through the office.

  2. Visitors from allied health providers will need to negotiate with Meena Bains (AP) re access to the school.

  3. All visitors including families will need to come through the front office, sign in and use hand sanitiser before entering the school grounds. If they have flu symptoms they will not be allowed into the school grounds.

  4. The school pool will not be open to any visitors from other schools or organisations.

  5. Bubblers remain turned off and students have individual water bottles. NO food is shared.

  6. Resources including the playgrounds are cleaned daily. Classrooms have extended cleaning each afternoon and high access points are cleaned during the day by staff.

  7. Hand sanitiser, liquid hand soap, hand towels, disinfectant spray are in every classroom and learning space.

  8. Students are supervised washing their hands and continue to instructed about the correct way to do so.

  9. Face to face whole school assemblies will be held online until Week 10 term 3 which will bring all students and staff together however there will be no visitors to that assembly.

  10. Students and staff who are unwell stay at home and seek medical advice before returning to school.

IMPORTANT: Please notify the school if any member of your family has been in contact with COVID19 during the school holidays or is awaiting test results for COVID19. It is best to stay away from school until the results of the test are returned and you are notified of a negative result.

Please keep informed by following our Facebook page and SchoolStream. Contact the office for further information on 89850400 or email

Thank you for your support over the past semester. Best wishes for a safe and fun 3 weeks.

Lorraine Hodgson, Principal. 26/6/20