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Therapy team

The therapists are members of the Children’s Development Team, Department of Health. The therapists work at Nemarluk School and during this time they assess students, advise on areas of individualised programs and attend therapy and program review meetings. All therapists can be contacted through their office at Casuarina Plaza.


The Physiotherapist works in conjunction with other therapists prescribing, modifying and reviewing wheelchairs, other positioning devices such as wedges and posture chairs, standing frames, orthotics and prosthetics. They assess gross motor skills and develop stretching and exercise programs including hydrotherapy. The Physiotherapist may also attend orthotic, pediatric and orthopedic appointments with parents.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists assist individuals to achieve their optimum level of independence and function in their daily life. The Occupational Therapist at Nemarluk School primarily provides a consultative service to school staff and parents/ caregivers. Intervention is centred around the ‘occupation’ or everyday activities of the student.

The Occupational Therapist provides assessment and advice about the following areas – self-care, play, hand skills, leisure activities, special equipment, sensory processing and school/home access. Intervention in the following functional areas involves:

  • Self care – Prescription and modification of aids and equipment to assist with self care (dressing, toileting, bathing, eating). Development of programs for independence skills and training in use of equipment.
  • Fine Motor Skills – Development of programs and equipment prescription to improve/maintain fine motor function.
  • Writing/Drawing – Development of specific writing programs and equipment adaptations to enable the student to write/draw. Intervention also focuses on visual perception and visual motor skills.
  • Sensory Processing – Development of sensory programs and equipment prescription to assist students to function better within their sensory environment.
  • Play – Development of programs to improve play skills. Prescription of cause/effect toys and switching equipment for play and control over environment.
  • School and Home Access – Design and/or modification of home and school to maximise physical access and independent function for individuals.

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists primarily provide a consultative service to school staff and families. They are involved in the assessment of students’ communication and eating skills and the planning, co-ordination and evaluation of programs. The Speech Pathologists are also available to provide ongoing support to families and staff eg. demonstration of an intervention technique. They provide professional development to school staff as required. A student may be referred to the Speech Pathologist if difficulties are evident in:

  • Communication – talking, listening, understanding, interacting and playing.
    - Receptive Language (understanding)
    - Expressive Language (forming sentences, talking, getting a message across)
    - Augmentative/alternative communication systems (using different ways of communicating eg. signing, PECS, electronic devices)
    - Articulation (producing speech sounds)
    - Fluency (stuttering)

Children’s Development Team
Level 1 Casuarina Plaza
Cnr Trower Road & Vanderlin Drive CASUARINA
Postal: PO Box 40596 CASUARINA NT 0811
Telephone: 8922 7283
Fax: 8922 7399
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8.00am-4.21pm