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School Psychologist

Primary Objective: The School Psychologist’s key role is to provide psycho-educational assessment, promote the wellbeing and mental health of students as well as assisting schools with the implementation of child protection strategies.

Context Statement: Student Wellbeing and Inclusion provides services to schools across the NT.  The School Psychologist is part of a multi-disciplinary team, inclusive of specialist advisory teachers, who work with other service providers from government and non-government agencies. This position is based at Nemarluk School which is a specialist school for primary and preschool students with disability who meet DoE criteria to enrol in a specialist setting.


  1. Apply preventative and therapeutic interventions including psychological assessment, individual student support, and small group facilitation.
  2. Assist with policy and program development regarding the wellbeing of all students, particularly those at risk.
  3. Provide professional learning programs for school staff that focus on student social and emotional wellbeing, as well as supporting family skill development and deliver child protection education as appropriate.
  4. Liaise with other departmental staff, allied professionals and community leaders as appropriate.
  5. Contribute to Student Wellbeing and Inclusion as a whole and assist with the provision of critical incident responses across NT schools where required.
  6. Participate proactively in the supervision service provided by the Senior School Psychologist


To contact the School Psychologist please ring the Nemarluk School office