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Infectious Diseases-Exclusions from school

Schools have a duty of care to protect students and staff, and reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection through the school and wider community.
In consultation with the Department of Health and the Centre for Disease Control, DoE adopts the CDC "Time Out" Poster on minimum periods of exclusion from school, pre-school and childcare facilities for children or staff with, or exposed to, infectious diseases (based on National Health and Medical Research Guidelines – December 2005).

Important Notes

  • Children who are unwell should not be allowed to attend school. These guidelines have been drawn up on the premise that children who have been ill with an infectious disease will not return to school until they have fully recovered. The only exception to this rule is that children with certain skin diseases may return once appropriate treatment has commenced (see below).
  • These recommended periods are issued as a guide to teaching staff and medical/health practitioners, and may be modified in individual cases as circumstances warrant.
  • In cases of doubt, or for guidance in cases of conditions not mentioned on the list, advice should be sought from the appropriate clinician, school medical officer or medical officer of Territory Health Services. Advice on possible preventative measures should be sought by boarding institutions in cases where infectious diseases occur amongst children housed in dormitory-type accommodation.

Please refer to the policy for further details.