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Epilepsy is a common neurological condition affecting up to 1-2% of the population. Although it is more likely to be diagnosed in childhood or senior years, it is not confined to any age group, sex, or race and can be diagnosed at any age.

While greater than 70% of people become seizure free taking medication, an important step in managing epilepsy is gaining an understanding about the condition. It is therefore valuable for people with epilepsy, their family, friends and carers to understand the many aspects of this disorder to improve their chances in obtaining seizure control.

With regular medication and a sensible lifestyle a full and active life is possible.

Education and Support Services for People Living with Epilepsy
Location: Australia wide
Postal: GPO Box 9878 DARWIN NT 0801
Telephone: 1300 374 537
Fax: 1300 886 894
Monday-Friday: 8.00am-5.00pm
Parent Body: Epilepsy Action Australia

Epilepsy Action is a national organisation providing community based support services to children and adults with epilepsy. Services include individual service plans, epilepsy information, first aid, seizure management planning, education and training programs, counselling, peer support, group programs and memory workshops.