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Pre and Primary School students receive free dental assessment and treatment.

Oral Health Services – NT provides services to children through the Child Oral Health Service. The Child Oral Health Service provides free dental services to all children from infancy to the completion of primary school. Services are provided at primary school-based clinics in Darwin and Palmerston. A visiting examination service is provided at all school dental clinics. Children requiring treatment can access these services at selected hub clinics. You can choose an examination clinic and hub clinic that is convenient to your child’s school, your home or workplace.

Parents should attend all dental appointments with their children. Just like visiting the doctor, a visit to the dentist service is an important event. Some children can be quite anxious so having a parent with them can be helpful. Being present during your child’s appointment helps you to understand what treatment is required and how to keep your child’s mouth and teeth healthy.

If a student is in pain and requires dental treatment urgently, it is the responsibility of the family to contact Darwin Dental Clinic (89226475) for an appointment.

It is important to explain that the student has special needs and the amount of pain s/he is experiencing.

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