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The school uniform is a red polo shirt with an embroidered logo and either black shorts or skorts. Students are required to wear a brimmed hat when they are outside and they are expected to attend school in sensible footwear (sandals or enclosed shoes) that is secure and comfortable. Thongs and slip-ons are not acceptable. Students attending Satellite Classes in other primary schools wear the uniform of that school.

The DoE ‘Back to School Voucher’ is able to be used to offset the cost of school uniforms. Uniforms are available from the office. Broad brimmed black hats are also available. At times the office will have some limited supplies of pre-loved uniforms.

School Uniform can be purchased from the front office:

  • Polo shirt: $25.00
  • T-Shirts: $15.00
  • Shorts: $15.00
  • Uniform for Satellite Classes: $ POA. Order through Nemarluk Front Office.
  • Skorts: $20.00
  • Hats: $10.00
  • Year 6 Polo shirt: $35
  • Personal care pack $54.00 per year

For further information please refer to DET Policy (PDF)