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Parent contributions

During the course of the year parents may be asked to make contributions towards the delivery of educational resources for their child/children. The purpose of these requests is to seek to deliver the best possible educational outcomes for students and this allows school councils to improve the quality of school materials and resources. Typically in the past these parent contributions have been referred to as "school fees".

Parents and guardians should note that these contributions are not compulsory

  • Parent Voluntary Contribution Scheme – Primary students
    Families can choose to contribute $13.00 per term or a lump sum of $52.00 per year towards the cost of providing well resourced and appropriate school programs.
  • Parent Voluntary Contribution Scheme – Preschool students
    Families can choose to contribute$1.00 per day attended. This fee contributes to provision of resources.

To view further information on DET Policy regarding the Operation of Pre-Schools.