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We pride ourselves on a good communication system between school and home. Each student has a communication book in which the class teacher writes on a regular basis. Families are also encouraged to write in this book news about what their child has been doing at home, any special family events or any other special information which will help staff to respond as well as possible to the needs, interests and other important aspects of your child’s well-being.

There may be occasions when families may wish to discuss matters with the class teacher. If this is desired, please phone the school to make an appointment so that the necessary arrangements can be made to cover class supervision requirements and to locate an appropriate meeting space. Please call in at the office before going to your child’s classroom, as all visitors to the school are required to sign the attendance register in case of emergencies such as fire.

A newsletter is distributed to families each fortnight. We try hard to make sure that the newsletter is interesting and focused on the achievements and activities of students, general school information and events that are occurring in the community. Please let us know if you would prefer the newsletter emailed to you.