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Whole School Positive Behaviour Support

In 2010 Nemarluk School began a Whole School Positive Behaviour Support Initiative which will, over the next 3-5 years, see the development of a comprehensive framework which will support all students to do their best at school. Whole School Positive Behaviour Support (WSPBS) is a proactive, team-based framework for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. Emphasis is placed on prevention of problem behaviour, development of pro-social skills, and the use of data-based problem solving.

WSPBS increases the capacity of schools to educate all students utilising research-based school-wide, classroom, and individualised interventions.

Whole School Expectations

Nemarluk School established a universal set of positive behavior expectations. These are our 3 Expectations:
I am a Learner,
I am Safe,
I am Respectful.

This message is shared through out our school through our mascot Grant the Green Ant. We chose the green ant as our mascot for the following reasons:

  • They work together
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Team builders
  • Community
  • Stay in order
  • Know their jobs
  • Follow the leader
  • Mega strength
  • Persistent

Ant beliefs

The staff at Nemarluk have developed an expectation matrix which outlines what each of these look like in positive language e.g. being a learner is showing “I know how to walk to class”; being safe is showing; "I can use tools safely"; being respectful is showing "I listen to others". By developing a matrix of whole school positive expectations, the school is establishing a common language for staff and students. Everyone has agreed to "get on the same page". The matrix is also used to develop lessons to teach our students these skills.

Positive Teacher Attention

The most powerful and simplest system of reinforcing positive behaviour is to get all staff to agree to a simple ratio of giving students positive attention at least 4 times for every 1 correction for problem behaviour.
For example: High 5, Thumbs up. By using the 4:1 ratio, we increase the likelihood that those behaviours will be strengthened in all students.

Token Reward System

  • Will be at Nemarluk & Satellite classes
  • Across non-classroom and clasroom settings
  • Staff will catch students doing our WSPBS school expectations and mark it on the student token collection sheet in their classroom.
  • Tokens are then dropped off at the Nemarluk Front office collection box by each second Tuesday.
  • The Gold award given to the student who has received; the most tokens in a fortnight. A Cup is awarded, certificate sent home, and the student’s achievement is celebrated in the newsletter for the community to read.
  • Certificates for the top ten students and top class is also given each fortnight


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