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All Nemarluk students are offered opportunities to participate in fitness, sport, recreation and leisure programs.

Class based programs
Classes deliver a sport and fitness program. The programs target Individual Educational Outcomes which includes Social and Emotional Development, Communication Skills, Personal Development, Resilience, Physio Therapy, as well as Gross Motor Development and Fitness.
Bike riding and Road safety programs are also delivered, focusing on the development of riding skills, fitness and safety.

Whole School Programs
Whole school sport and fitness programs are offered during terms 2 and 3, whilst swimming is offered year round at the class teacher’s discretion. We host our Track and Field Sports day at the end of term 2 with the support of Total Recreation. All Nemarluk students participate alongside students from other schools including Humpty Doo Annexe and Woodroffe Special Education Unit. This day also provides the opportunity for athletes to perform at their best and then be nominated for School Sport Athletics Championships.

School Sport
School Sport NT offers a variety of sports inclusive of Nemarluk students. These include basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, Softball/T-ball and Swimming. Students have the opportunity to team up and work with their mainstream peers on these days. School Sport NT offers pathways to support students to continue to excel at their chosen sport and aim for National and International competition.

Community Sport Programs
Nemarluk School is able to access many community programs to enhance opportunities for our students. Some of the community organisations we work with are:

  • R.D.A.- Riding to Develop Abilities NT
  • Bowling – Planet ten pin
  • The Rock – rock climbing centre.
  • Parap Road Safety Centre and Hector the Cat
  • Paralympic Committee development officers – provide an introduction to Sports Ability and Paralympic sports, e.g. Goal ball, Boccia, Sitting Volley Ball, indoor soccer and table cricket.
  • ACHPER – Health and P.E. week, ‘Come and Try’ Lake Alexander
  • RLSSA – Swimming programs, Water Safety Week

Total Recreation
Total Recreation run sport and recreation programs for Nemarluk students during terms 2 and 3. These programs increase the opportunities for student involvement in structured sport and recreation activities. It provides students with the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at many different sports and recreation activities. These can include Table cricket, Tang Soo Do, Soccer, Athletics, Softball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Orienteering, Basketball and Netball.
Specialist programs are also offered such as Sailability for students with high physical disabilities and who would find it difficult to access many other sport programs. Term 3 is concluded with an excursion to Lake Leanyer.
Total Recreation also offers extracurricular activities including gymnastics, bowling, mini golf, rock climbing, and social nights. Members are able to participate at local and national levels. This variety of sport and recreational activities assists students to become active and valued members of their community.

Camp and Outdoor Education
Camps are held every 2 years at Batchelor Outdoor Education Centre. This centre is run by the Department of Education and Training who employs 2 specially trained DET teachers to deliver outdoor education programs. These experiences provide the opportunity for students to extend on and generalise previously learnt skills in a different setting. Opportunities are available to challenge one’s self, take a risk, and succeed in a fun supportive atmosphere.