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Satellite classes

In order to respond to the very diverse needs of our students, Nemarluk School implements programs for a number of our students within seven schools in Darwin. The Primary Schools are at Manunda Terrace, Stuart Park, Millner, Wulagi, Karama, Nightcliff and Wanguri. At each of these schools, a base classroom has been provided and the programs are supported by a Nemarluk School teacher, a Special Education Support Officer and, on occasions, an Inclusion Support Assistant. These satellite classes attend the Nemarluk School Campus 1 to 2 days a week.

Placement of students into these classes is decided in collaboration with families. Decisions regarding the most appropriate placement of each student are based on a number of factors including the number and the needs of students already in the class and the residential address of students.

The teacher from Nemarluk School carries out the day to day planning, ensuring that the Individual Educational Plans are implemented. The teacher is directly responsible to the Principal of Nemarluk School for student programs. However, regular discussions and negotiations with the Principal of the host school are undertaken to ensure that the operation of the class is in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Primary School.