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Education Plan Review Process

Education Plan

Each student has an individualised Education Plan that documents their prior learning, current abilities and future educational needs. It identifies 3 or 4 program priorities and progress in these areas is reported to families. This plan is based on the Australian Curriculum and the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework and includes recommendations from consulting therapists. The process of reviewing and modifying this document is completed following input from families. Educational priorities are included in this document and confirmed at the Review Meeting that is held at least once every 12 months.

Education Plan Review Process

Teachers review the progress of each child on an ongoing basis. However, a more formal and comprehensive review process is undertaken at Nemarluk School on a yearly basis. The review process identifies student achievements and determines priority learning outcomes for the next 12 months. The process is as follows:

  1. Planning – Learning Profile: Observations and evidence are collected by the class teacher, SESO, senior staff and therapists. A meeting is held to discuss the progress of the student against their Education Plan and new information is added against the Learning Profile – a checklist to ensure essential detail regarding student learning, skills and knowledge is captured.
  2. Conferencing – Pre-Review Meeting:Teachers begin writing the report to families. They bring this to a pre-review meeting for discussion. The following people may attend this meeting:
    • The Principal, Assistant Principal, and/or Senior Teacher
    • Class Teacher and Special Education Support Officer
    • Education Advisors
    • School Nurse and school counselor
    • Other teachers or support staff.
  3. Publishing -Review Report: This report is finalised by the class teacher after the pre-review meeting. A copy of this report is sent home to the student’s family.
  4. Refining – Review Meeting:This meeting is generally of approximately one hour duration. It is attended by families/caregivers, the class teacher, the Principal (or other senior staff member) and, in specific cases, other professionals or support people if requested by the family. The purpose of this meeting is to share and celebrate student successes over the past year and refine the Education Plan based on the valuable contributions of family. An interpreter will be organised if requested by the family. The conference meeting is used to:
    • Discuss program priorities and highlight student achievements.
    • Maintain consistency of programs and management procedures between home and school and discuss strategies that are successful in both environments.
    • Update information in student Health Care plans.
    • Have a general discussion and share information.
    • Document information in Education Plan including any tasks that need action.
  5. Agreement – Education Plan is finalised and signed by all parties shortly after the Review Meeting. The Education Plan is then implemented by the class teacher.