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Enrolment criteria

Criteria for Entry

Enrolment of Students with Disabilities in Special School and Special Centres Policy (2011)

1.3 To enrol in a special school or special centre the student is required to meet the following entry criterion:

Primary, Middle and Senior Years the entry criterion is:

1.3.1 significantly below average intellectual functioning (IQ of 70 or below on an individually administered IQ test), and
1.3.2 concurrent deficits in adaptive functioning(functioning in the bottom 2% in areas such as communication, self-care, social/interpersonal skills, functional academic skills, work, health and safety) with multiple needs, and
1.3.3 requiring intensive support needs and a highly individualised program to allow access to, and participation in, the curriculum.

Early Years (P-3) the entry criterion is:

1.3.4 General intellectual ability two or more standard deviations below mean on an individual test of intelligence or other evidence of significantly delayed intellectual development should the student’s disabilities prevent standardised assessment, and
1.3.5 Score of two or more standard deviations below mean on a standardised assessment of adaptive behaviour for composite score or in at least two areas: communication skills, self-care, home living, social and or interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self-direction, leisure, health and safety.