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COVID19 Response Plan

Part of our school plan to respond to COVID 19 will be

  • cancellation of all excursions for Term 1
  • cancellation of assembly, sports events for Term 1
  • reminders to school community to follow Australian Government advice re hygiene practices. We are teaching the students how to greet each other, celebrate without touching hands and washing hands with care 
  • asking all visitors to use hand sanitizer when entering the school
  • reviewing cleaning in the school - surfaces touched by a variety of people including ipads, keyboards, food preparation areas, door handles, toilets
  • asking students and staff who are sick and meet criteria for COVID19 testing should present for testing. Phone NT hotline 1800008002 for specific advice. 
  • asking that students and staff who are sick, but do not meet the criteria for COVID 19 testing, stay at home until well
  • asking students returning from overseas to be isolated for 14 days

Please contact the school for any further information. We are having daily updates from DoE.