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Families are eligible to apply for transport assistance to and from Nemarluk School. Applications are forwarded by the school to the Department of Education (DoE). Once supported at this level, they are forwarded to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) for further action. DPI seeks to provide the appropriate level of transport (whether bus or taxi) wherever possible although circumstances may prevent this being provided in all cases.

Buses and taxis operate on a strict pick up and set down schedule which cannot readily be changed because of the impact of any such changes on the overall schedule. Applications to vary transport arrangements must be submitted with at least five working days notice. It may not always be possible to fulfill the requests of families.

Family members or a nominated responsible adult must be present to transfer the student to and from the bus/taxi. Further guidelines for this service are set out in “Transport for Students with Special Needs: Code of Good Practice” DPI, 2008. To view this document.