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Absences & illness

In order for the school to correctly report student attendance, it is important that you contact the school if your child will be absent. Unless notified by family, the school must list any absences as ‘un-notified’ on the attendance database.

You can contact the school on 8985 0400 or via the website or through School Stream.

Student Illness

Students should attend school it they are well enough to participate in their educational programs. In accordance with DET policies, children who are unwell should not return to school until they have fully recovered. These measures are designed to protect students as well as to reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection through the school and the wider community.

The following are some circumstances that will lead to the school requesting that a child needs to be collected and taken home:

  1. Temperature over 37°
  2. Diarrhoea – over two episodes
  3. Persistent vomiting
  4. Signs of symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection.