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About us

Nemarluk School is a Northern Territory Department of Education (DOE) school for children who require specialised and individualised educational programs. It delivers preschool and primary school programs. The school’s motto is “Education for Life” and strongly supports partnerships with families and carers. The school focus is fostering independent learners who have a positive outlook and are engaged members of their community.

There are entry criteria for enrollment at Nemarluk School, refer to Enrolment in special schools and special centres policy.
This is in line with the DOE Student’s with Disabilities Policy (2016).

Classes are small and programs are developed and delivered by a Teacher and Special Education Support Officer. Learning programs follow the Australian Curriculum and the Northern Territory Preschool and EYLF as well as reflecting recommendations from therapists and priorities of families and carers.

Some classes are based in other Primary Schools for part of the week as part of our satellite school program.

2021 Annual School Improvement Plan

Nemarluk School Values, Vision and Beliefs

General Philosophy

  1. Every child is entitled to an educational setting which provides a warm, secure emotional environment and social climate wherein he/she can develop a sense of individual and group identity, a sense of achievement and self esteem.
  2. Every child is entitled to equal opportunities for self development to the fullest extent of their individual physical, intellectual and emotional capacities.
  3. Every child is entitled to an individual educational program specifically designed for their needs and abilities.


  1. To provide each student with an Individual Education Program that enables him or her to reach their potential in each area of the curriculum.
  2. To provide each student with opportunities to develop positive self esteem with a focus on realistic goals.
  3. To assist each student to achieve maximum independence in community life.
  4. To assist each student to develop appropriate relationships with fellow students and adults.
  5. To assist each student to understand the need to live within an appropriate set of social rules and to make accountable decisions in relation to those rules.
  6. To develop a productive partnership with parents and the community in the school’s decision making process.
  7. To support individual students and their family groups in adjusting to and managing the special needs of each child.
  8. To develop Nemarluk School as a professional special education service, providing appropriate high quality programs.
  9. To develop best practice in teaching and learning within the total school environment.


In July 1986 Nemarluk School was officially recognised as a specialist school in it own right. It had been administrated by Ludmilla Primary School as a Special Unit since the early 1970s. The first satellite class was set up at Millner Primary School in 1989. There are now 12 satellite classes working in 7 host Primary Schools.

In 1994 the school name was changed from Ludmilla Special School to Nemarluk School. This was to remove the label ‘special’ and alleviate confusion that had existed with Ludmilla Primary School.

The Preschool opened in 1998 and has steadily grown to 2 sessions a day.

In 2006 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary which past Principals, students and dignitaries attended. In 2011 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary and last year at the Nemarluk Dr site with a Family Fun Festival.

The school moved to Alawa in April 2012 at the completion of a 12 month building program. The new school  was opened by the Education Minister, Dr Chris Burns, in June 2012.